Welcome to "Reading Should Be Fun!"

I created this site to consolidate my resources on previous sites: games,  tips, strategies, and resources to help children learn to read. (The domain name has been changed from ReadingShouldBeFun.com to GameToRead.com).

Whether you are a teacher, teacher aide, parent or anyone helping children with reading, you can always use some extra resources and ideas. 

I have developed these games and strategies over many years as a parent and pre-school teacher and during 12+ years as a Reading Intervention teacher, helping primary-school children who struggle with learning to read.

Some of the resources have already been published on my other sites over the past several years, but I hope to gather them all together here and add extras to create a site dedicated to helping children learn to read with enjoyment and success.

So for now, here are some links to my existing pages on other sites:

Free Fun and Games.com :

Learning Letters - hints for teaching children alphabet sounds 

Learning Sight Words - ideas to help children learn common "sight words" (and letters)

Reading Games to Print - printable games (and games ideas) for children to help them learn sight words, common letter sounds etc 

poems-for-children.webs.com  alphabet rhymes/"personal poems"-

Dozens of fun rhymes for hundreds of kids' names...

find a poem for your child or use them as a focus for teaching alphabet sounds.


epuzzled.net/freeminibookstoprint - links to places where you can download many little printable books (free or low-cost) to encourage your child to read.

I also have a blog with occasional entries, readingshouldbefun.blogspot.com

and a Facebook page,  Free Fun and Games